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The Ministry of Justice has recently announced that Applied Language Solutions (ALS) has been awarded a framework agreement by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) after a 12 month procurement process. The MoJ and other justice organisations including police forces, the Crown Prosecution Service and probation trusts will be able to sign contracts under the framework agreement for the delivery of interpretation and translation services.

The National Register is very proud of the contribution we and our registered interpreters have made to ensure that high standards of public service interpreting are available in the criminal justice system. Registration with NRPSI is the gold standard of quality for public service interpretation and is recognised as such both nationally and internationally. Public services and members of the public who use a registered interpreter can be assured that they will receive the highest level of service from qualified and accountable interpreters.

Whilst we understand that this news from the MoJ may disappoint interpreters ALS have told us that

“We would very much like this new era to be seen as a positive development and to reassure NRPSI registrants that they have nothing to fear from these changes.”

We will be meeting with Applied Language Solutions shortly to discuss ways we can work together to ensure that the highest standards of interpreting can continue to be offered to members of public as part of this new contract.

We will also continue to operate an open access register which is available to all to find interpreters and to check if the interpreter they have been provided is registered. The register continues to be accessed by local authorities, police forces, solicitors, charities, tribunals, health providers and many government departments in the UK and international organisations such as the International Criminal Court.
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