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How to join the Register

This section contains all the information and documents that you will need to make your application to join the Register. You must be a minimum of 18 years old; there is no maximum age limit but interpreters must produce medical confirmation of their ability to undertake interpreting work if requested to do so by the Selection Panel.

Please ensure you have read and understood the following information which detail the requirements for registration of your language:

To apply, complete and submit the First Language Application Form with the appropriate documents and payment.

All documents supplied as part of the application process may be checked with the original authority, eg qualiifcation certificates with the awarding body, security clearances with vetting authority. Applications which meet the criteria are considered by the NRPSI Selection Panel who make a fitness to practise assessment.

Application timescales

Applications take approximately two to three weeks to process but may take longer if the application form is incomplete or additional material is needed. Applications with qualifications not previously recognised may take much longer as we will need to liaise with the institution that ran the course/qualification.

Annual registration

An interpreter's language registration is valid for one year from the month it is accepted onto the Register. Each interpreter must renew their listing annually.

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