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The Board of Directors of the National Register met on 13 July 2011 and discussed the decision by the Ministry of Justice to award a Framework agreement to Applied Language Solution (ALS). The Board discussed the need to get as much information on this agreement as possible in order to plan an appropriate response and best protect the interest of the National Register, our interpreters and members of the public.

The Board has therefore decided to seek meetings with the following organisations in order to gain as much information as possible.

  • The Ministry of Justice
  • Association of Chief Police Officers
  • Interpreters Membership bodies and trade unions
  • Applied Language Solutions

Please note that the purpose of these meetings will be to gather information only. This will then assist the board in deciding how best to proceed. We are also keen to ensure that our registered interpreters have as much information as possible and we will report back to you on the outcomes of these meetings. Indeed if any registrant or stakeholder has any views or information that would assist our engagement with these organisations then please let us know within the next few weeks.

It is our aim to provide regular updates on our web site regarding this situation and more general developments, and we will in addition be putting a FAQ on the website to help keep registrants, and users, informed.

It was also reported to the board that we currently have a record number of registered interpreters (2,331) listed and that early statistics on the number of searches on the new on line register indicate that over 2,000 searches a day are being made (this compares to less than a 1,000 searches a day on the old pre 01 April 2011 web site). These statistics are extremely encouraging and show that both interpreters and public services continue to value the National Register and the service it provides.

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