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One of the first tasks facing the board of the new National Register following its creation on 1st April as an independent company, limited by guarantee was to respond to the Ministry of Justice on their proposals to reform the provision of public service interpreting.

This was the first opportunity for NRPSI in its new form to engage with the Ministry of Justice and explain what we do, the value we provide to the public service interpreting sector and the fact of our independence which removes us from our previous relationship with the CIL and separates us from other organisations involved in public service interpreting.

This is not to say we ignore or are not aware of issues that affect others in the sector, indeed whilst we have made this response in the interests of NRPSI we are aware that we share much common ground with others who have also responded. It is likely therefore that we will also have common interests in the way in which the MoJ deal with and incorporate such responses in their future requirements for the provision of public service interpreting.

The full response from NRPSI submitted to the MoJ on 3rd May 2011 is given here.

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