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Why join the National Register

Being on the National Register will provide a guarantee to your clients that you are qualified, competent, security vetted and adhere to a written Code of Conduct. The advantages are:

  • You will be able to use the letters of accreditation RPSI (Registered Public Service Interpreter) after your name
  • You will be issued with an annually updated Photo ID Card to prove your status as a Registered Interpreter showing your language or languages registered
  • Public services across the UK understand that the National Register provides a guarantee of competence and accountability. Many will only use Registered Interpreters
  • Your details will appear on our public register where potential clients can find your details and contact you direct for work, or can confirm your registration (2,500 organisations currently registered to search the National Register)
  • You will receive a unique URL which links directly to your online record: use to promote your professional skills
  • You benefit from free access to the password-controlled Interpreter's Room where you are able to update many of your own details that appear on the public register (for security reasons NRPSI must validate any proposed changes in contact details) to ensure your record is up-to-date and displays your latest experience
  • You will receive regular updates from NRPSI on the profession and maintaining your standards


Considering a career in interpreting?

If you are considering a career in interpreting and do not yet have an interpreting qualification, contact us for backgound information on the essential first steps and links to further information.

Full registration requirements can be accessed via this website, starting with the How to join the Register page.


Ready to register?

If you do have a qualification that you believe meets our Qualifications and Experience Criteria for Entry, please contact us for further information about registering, or start on the How to join the Register page of this website.

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