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18 July 2012

The Justice Select Committee launch inquiry on ALS

NRPSI welcomes the news of the Justice Select Committee’s launch of inquiry on the provision of interpretation and translation services supplied by Applied Language Solutions (ALS) to the Ministry of Justice.

The Justice Select Committee is calling for written evidence on the provision of interpretation and translation services since ALS began operating as the Ministry of Justice’s sole contractor for language services in February 2012.

The Select Committee will be specifically seeking to explore six areas:

  1. The rationale for changing arrangements for the provision of interpreter services
  2. The nature and appropriateness of the procurement process
  3. The experience of courts and prisons in receiving interpretation services that meet their needs
  4. The nature and effectiveness of the complaints process
  5. The steps that have been taken to rectify under-performance and the extent to which they have been effective
  6. The appropriateness of arrangements for monitoring the management of the contract, including the quality and cost-effectiveness of the service delivered.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 3 September 2012.

This is very positive news which demonstrates the result of collaborative lobbying for quality standards and fair access to interpretation and justice for all UK citizens.

As the UK’s only voluntary regulator and national register for the interpreting profession, NRPSI will be submitting a response to the Justice Select Committee’s inquiry by the required deadline. We will be making a case to ensure that good standards are consistently maintained for the benefit of the public and interpreters alike. NRPSI will also seek to effectively contribute towards collective responses with other relevant representative bodies and groups.

The full text of the announcement by the Justice Select Committee can be obtained via The Justice Select Committee-Inquiry


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