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18 July 2012

Re-joining the National Register

The National Register for Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI) is adapting to reflect the changes occurring in the interpreting profession. NRPSI recognise that it is a difficult time for interpreters. To assist interpreters who came off the Register for various reasons and now wishing to rejoin NRPSI are offering the following:

  1. To waive the standard re-instatement fee of £66.50 to all lapsed interpreters who wish to re-instate their listing on the register (offer will ends on 31 October 2012)
  2. To consider each case on individual merit if interpreters are currently facing difficulties in supplying the 10 hours proof of PSI work required to renew
  3. To review each case if interpreters who have come off the Register for any other reasons wished to rejoin
Joining the Register will benefit interpreters with:
  • A seal of guarantee for quality, competence and accountability in professional interpreting
  • A listing on NRPSI’s website, which receives average of 30,000 searches a month by public service organisations and other potential clients
  • New business opportunities with the many organisations that use the register to source interpreters
  • Being part of a body that exists to safeguard the quality of professional interpreting to the public
  • Supporting a forward thinking organisation working to improve recognition and fair treatment of professional interpreters

To take advantage of this offer a renewal form can be downloaded from NRPSI website www.nrpsi.co.uk. For any further information contact NRPSI on admin@nrpsi.co.uk or 020 7940 3166.


NRPSI Limited
Saxon House
48 Southwark Street
London, SE1 1UN
NRPSI Line: +44 (0) 20 7940 3166
Email: admin@nrpsi.co.uk

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