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Welcome to the website of the NRPSI

NRPSI is the UK’s independent voluntary regulator of professional interpreters specialising in public service. We maintain a public register of professional, qualified and accountable interpreters. The register is free of charge and searchable online.

Every interpreter on our register has met the standards that we set for education, training and practice. The register only lists interpreters who have satisfied our entry criteria in terms of qualifications and experience in public service. All interpreters on our register are subject to a Code of Professional Conduct and we may investigate any alleged breaches of the Code.

Using the register to find an interpreter ensures that you not only employ a qualified practitioner but that the interpreter can be held accountable should their conduct or competence fall below the high standards expected of a Registered Public Service Interpreter (RPSI).

We have around 2,000 interpreters in 100 languages on the register covering the whole of the UK.


NRPSI Annual Review of Public Service Interpreting in the UK 2013

NRPSI Annual Review of Public Service Interpreting in the UK 2013 . . .
Published:1 October 2014
Topic: NRPSI News
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NRPSI Newsletter #22 September 2014

Updating your availability.....NRPSI Annual Review.....2009 security clearances . . .
Published:24 September 2014
Topic: NRPSI Newsletter
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NRPSI Newsletter #21 August 2014

Accessing your Interpreter's Room.....NRPSI Award for DPI.....Proof of PSI hours . . .
Published:19 August 2014
Topic: NRPSI Newsletter
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NRPSI Newsletter #20 July 2014

Engaging with CCS.....DBS Update Service.....Rare Language status . . .
Published:18 July 2014
Topic: NRPSI Newsletter
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Movers & Shakers No. 3: Liese Katschinka

Greater collaboration in Europe . . .
Published:14 July 2014
Topic: Movers & Shakers
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NRPSI Newsletter #19 June 2014

Metropolitan Police support NRPSI.....Language Show Live.....Medical interpreters survey . . .
Published:20 June 2014
Topic: NRPSI Newsletter
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