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All fees are payable in advance: applications will not be processed unless fees have been paid in full. All fees are reviewed annually.


Initial application for registration

The initial application fee for one language is £220.00 (£183.33 plus VAT) for new applications. This fee includes the first year's registration fee if successful.

If your application is unsuccessful you will receive a refund of £135.10 and NRPSI will keep the balance as the administration fee for reviewing the initial application.

Annual renewal

Registrations must be renewed annually and the annual registration fee is £220.00 (including VAT) for renewals from September 2017.

If your application for renewal is unsuccessful you will receive a refund of £135.10 and NRPSI will keep the balance as the administration fee for reviewing the renewal application.

Additional languages

Interpreters applying for the first time to add a language to their record will need to pay a one-off additional language fee of £76.50 (including VAT) for each additional language. Note that the annual renewal fee is the same, regardless of the number of languages registered.

If your application for an additional language is rejected you will receive a refund of £20.00 and NRPSI will keep the balance as the administration fee for reviewing the additional language application.

Lapsed registrations and refunds

If you have been off the Register for more than 3 months then you can apply for reinstatement and a reinstatement fee of £76.50 (including VAT) will be required in addition to the annual renewal fee.

If you decide to leave the Register once you have been accepted then fees are non-refundable. Partial refunds can only be made, on request, to the estate of deceased Registrants and to Registrants who become pregnant during the registration year. Please contact admin@nrpsi.org.uk for the evidence we will require.

Claiming tax relief

Registrants may claim tax relief from the HMRC on their NRPSI registration fee (see letter Registrants can provide to HMRC as evidence).


Fees summary

All fees include VAT:

Application Fee (one language £183.33 plus VAT) - £220.00

Additional Language fee (on first occasion of registering £63.75 plus VAT) - £76.50

Annual renewal fee (all registered languages combined, renewals dated from September 2017 £183.33 plus VAT) - £220.00

Reinstatement fee (added to Renewal fee if you are off the Register for over 3 months £63.75 plus VAT) - £76.50

Payment methods

  • To pay by online bank transfer using the Faster Payments service (usually free to personal account holders) visit the Interpreter's Room for details or contact us.
  • To pay by credit/debit card login to your account in the Interpreter's Room. Alternatively, you can Make a Payment here. Note that there is no longer any card processing fee  added to card payments.
  • Make cheques payable to NRPSI Ltd (we will need to allow three weeks from our receipt to ensure the cheque has cleared).

NRPSI reserves the right to revise the terms of its Registration and Refund Policy. Any changes made will apply to all registrations created or renewed after the date such change was implemented.

For more information, or to request documents in respect of any of the above, please contact us on 020 3206 1400, or email registration@nrpsi.org.uk.

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