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NUPIT is a specialist branch of Unite the Union, it is a strong and influential collective voice for interpreters and translators. Our aims are to work towards raising public recognition of our professionalism and competence; to promote the establishment of fair and reasonable terms and conditions; to campaign in order to persuade the government to provide statutory regulation of the interpreting profession and to protect the title of Legal Interpreter. We collaborate with other interpreting organisations in Professional Interpreters for Justice (PI4J). NUPIT believes that unity between interpreter organisations is the key to protecting both terms and conditions and the quality of interpreting services offered by public services such as the courts and the police. We co-operate closely with our sister Unite Branch NUBSLI www.nubsli.com,- which has been extremely effective in representing the interests of British Sign Language Interpreters.

Please get in touch for more information nupit@unitetheunion.org

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