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One of the NRPSI directors, Lalia Pessoa-White will be attending a seminar called by NUPIT for 21st January. The seminar is intended to provide an opportunity to exchange views on how to present a united front against the MoJ’s Framework Agreement.

Whilst the NRPSI board have decided previously that it is not appropriate for us to involve ourselves in lobbying as we believe it could prejudice our role and independence, we do recognise that the issues about which the meeting is involved are very much those that concern many of our registrants as to the impact on their professional livelihood and of course are also of concern to the NRPSI board, as the changes taking place could well have an impact on the Register itself in a number of ways.

Therefore the board decided at its meeting on 19th January to ask Lalia to attend as an observer so that she can report back to the whole board.

This will then enable the directors to determine any appropriate actions NRPSI should consider. It will also assist us in framing the invitations we will be making to many organisations in the near future to meet us so that we can share our view of the future for the National Register as we see it and seek their views on it.

We will of course also be communicating with our registrants on our future strategy to also explain and seek their views and comments as part of this process.

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