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The speaker is  Phil Muriel, holder of the Diploma in Translation (Law/Business), the DPSI in Law and the DPSI in Health. Phil is  an experienced lecturer and qualified tutor, with 20 years’ experience as an interpreter, Phil has trained nearly 300 candidates to qualify as Community and DPSI interpreters, having been awarded the Nuffield trophy for the best DPSI class result in the UK in 2011. Phil has also successfully mentored students preparing for the Dip Trans exam as well as MA in Translation students at Durham University, sharing with them his 13 years’ experience as a legal translator.


The topics and dates of the events with links to Eventbrite where you can book your place are listed below:


24 April 2020 INTERPRETING IN MENTAL HEALTH Part 1 / Mental Health awareness:



8 May 2020 INTERPRETING IN MENTAL HEALTH Part 2 / Interpreting challenges and how to overcome them



15 May 2020 INTERPRETING IN MENTAL HEALTH Part 3 / Interpreting in the counselling session



22 May 2020 INTERPRETING IN MENTAL HEALTH Part 4 / Look after your mental health!



29 May 2020 INTERPRETING IN IMMIGRATION Part 1 / Overview of the asylum system



5 June 2020 INTERPRETING IN IMMIGRATION Part 2 / The challenges of interpreting in immigration



12 June 2020 INTERPRETING IN THE SEXUAL HEALTH SETTING (coping with personal challenges in this setting)


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