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Resignation of Janina Nowacka as non-executive Director

NRPSI announces the resignation of Janina Nowacka as non-executive Director from its Board with effect from 2nd Jan 2013.

Janina has been a Practitioner Member of the new NRPSI Board since it was established in April 2011. In addition to the Board at large, she also served on the Professional Conduct Committee during her tenure.

Janina is resigning from the role as she is leaving the interpreting profession to pursue different career paths.

NRPSI would like to take this opportunity to thank Janina for the effective contribution that she made during her time with NRPSI and wish her the best of success in her pursuit of a new career path.

NRPSI will soon be commencing the recruitment process for the vacant post of Practitioner Board Member. We will keep you informed.


2nd Jan 2013

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