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NRPSI's Board

The National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI Ltd) was established on 1st April 2011 as a registered company limited by guarantee.

Our work is governed by a Board, which sets policy, strategic direction and financial priorities. The NRPSI Board consists of seven Non-Executive Directors of whom four, including the chair, are lay members and three are registered interpreters. All seven Directors were selected through a competitive process by an independent appointments panel. The Directors duties are owed to the company only.

While it is important that within its membership the Board contains a range of skills and experience, including that of acting as a professional interpreter, no Director represents or acts on behalf of any third party or interest in conducting the affairs of NRPSI. Procedures are in place that require a Director to make a declaration of actual or potential conflicts of interest on an issue and if necessary to be excluded from any decisions on that issue.

Board members at all times are responsible for promoting and maintaining the public's trust and confidence in the integrity of both NRPSI and the interpreting profession.

NRPSI Board Members

Dr Hassan Sobati is a scientist by way of his formal education, a barrister by way of his most recent academic work and a linguist by way of his main profession. He achieved his scientific education in the UK (MSc in Biotechnology, Imperial College London; PhD in Molecular Biology, King’s College London, 2001). He then went on to study Law part time in London (Post Graduate Diploma in Law, Westminster University; Bar Vocational Course, BPP, 2006). He was called to the General Council of the Bar by the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple in 2006. He is a linguist who speaks six languages at various levels of fluency and has achieved his lingual skills and qualifications from 1983 to 2004. Dr Sobati is a fully qualified full time interpreter and translator. He has been working full time as an interpreter in the field of law using his two native languages of Dari and Farsi, specialising in crime, immigration and family law since 2000 while affiliating with NRPSI, CIoL, the Metropolitan Police Service, CPS, AIT, Crown, Magistrates’ and County Courts, Home Office, and other professional bodies and organisations. He is an examiner and tutor for the degree level lingual exams and also an author of lingual expert reports for the Crown Courts and Tribunals. Dr Sobati was elected to the position of Board Member at NRPSI in March 2011 and is dedicated to the principles of regulation through fair play and maintaining high standards. This is to say that there should be no monopoly of contracts in the public sector or compromise on qualifications, experience and the interest of justice for financial reasons. No disregard for quality and professionalism should be tolerated at any cost. He can be contacted via his website www.legalandlingual.co.uk.

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